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Quince brandy

Year: 2023.

13.00 (97.95 kn) 33.00 (248.64 kn)
One of the 50 Best Worldwide Spirits in 2023


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Eudokia quince brandy

Many of us remember the smell of quince from our earliest childhood. That golden-yellow fruit tree was indispensable on grandma’s wardrobe in the bedroom or on a wooden display case, among glasses and coffee cups. It was a custom. Quince is most often finished with compote, jam or cakes. Those who had several quince trees used to make brandy. But quince brandy was a rarity in Podravina. We change that by growing our own plantations and the skill of producing top quality craft quince brandy.

Our Eudokia, craft quince brandy, is immediately recognizable by its magical golden color, unique fragrance and rich taste. When you bring the stamplek to your mouth, its light fruity smell intoxicates you. When you drink it, it slides down your throat as easily as honey, and only when it goes down into your stomach do you feel a light, pleasant warmth spreading through your body.

Eudokia reminds you of the ancient Athenian tradition of weddings in which the wedding escort throws quinces on the wedding cart used by the groom to drive the bride to their new home. The bride would receive a quince as a gift as a symbol of fertility. Quince is a seasonal fruit that is harvested when the fruit starts to change color from bright green to pale yellow. The quince fruit does not soften as it ripens, but remains hard as a stone and has a very strong taste. Because of all this, the process from the fruit tree to our brandy is very complicated and long. That is why quince or quince brandy is among the most valued fruit brandies in the tradition of the South Slavs.

Our Eudokia, craft quince brandy, has been awarded gold all over Europe and Asia, spreading the flavors and aromas of our Podravina. Just as the Drava River has been doing for millennia, the Danube to the Black Sea, and the seas to the ocean. That’s why our Eudokia is the best we can offer you with a lot of love woven into its production. You can also give it as a gift to everyone you wish fertility, success and well-being. Or simply say thank you

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