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A New Generation
of Brandy makers.

We are Martina and Peter.  From the very foundation of the distillery, we understand the venture as the foundation of a future company with a family tradition.  This is exactly why the names of our children are woven into the name of the brand through the initial letters, which we are building successfully, with a lot of study, work and patience.  We live in Pitomača, located in a lowland between the slopes of Bilogora and the river Drava, which hugs it with the fingers of the main stream and numerous backwaters.  We are right on the border of the historical regions of Croatia and Slavonia.

The idea for the production of fruit brandies was born a few years ago.  We started as hobbyists, participated in brandy exhibitions, and the gold began to roll in.  Then we realized that our future is brandy production.  We first tried with simpler brandies, we tested a lot, trained, perfected the processes.  We continue to do that.  According to the evaluation of the jury at the Fair of Autochthonous Products, which is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia, our Damaskino plum brandy was declared the champion.  Gold awards also come from renowned fairs in our region and Europe.  We are especially proud that our brandies won gold at a prestigious exhibition in Japan, so after Europe, the Asian market is also interesting for us to expand.

To us, brandies are love and passion. We produce brandies in the traditional way. Our ancients only had wooden vats (vats or barrels) at their disposal, so they could not apply a controlled fermentation process. The top layer of pomace always had to be thrown away because it spoiled due to the free access of air. And brandy was brewed when they finished sowing, which meant that brandy was brewed after All Saints’ Day and before Christmas. They also didn’t know about enzymes and special fruit yeasts, but they still roasted brandy and were happy and satisfied after drinking it. We interweave tradition with new and more familiar technologies. We immediately invest all profit from production in new equipment and constant quality improvement. We are planting new quince orchards. It is very important to us that the entire process from the flower of the fruit tree to the distillate is natural and under our supervision. For the same reason, we do not collect fruit that has fallen to the ground. We have a rule that we don’t even put what you wouldn’t want to eat deliciously in our brandies. All this delights our customers and wins them over at the first meeting.

Our brandies are for you who like to enjoy the aroma of nature without dyes and artificial aromas. In order to maintain quality, we decided to constantly produce three types of brandy, and from time to time we will delight our customers with limited series of other fruit brandies. We are constantly testing, researching, and when we get excited about a new fruit brandy, we will share that enthusiasm with you.

 We produced plum brandy and stored it in French oak barrels. We will put the first bottles of our barrique plum brandy on sale in few years. Our quince brandy is already in the range. Our special brandy is in the final stages of development. Expect it on your holiday table for Easter. We are sure that we have already tickled your imagination, and after the first sip you will wake up all your senses with the gentle scent of spring brought by the flower from the fields of Podravina. Our brandies tell you just one of the stories about tradition, our hilly flower meadows, orchards, vineyards and our Drava. Our customs, gastronomy. To our gentle and hospitable nature, through the sounds of cymbals and tambourines. And all that is unthinkable without brandy. We are waiting for you in Pitomača.